Carriage Trade

Simon Linke

March 2-6 2016


Simon Linke
Volta NY, PIER 90
Wednesday, March 2, 8-10 PM
Public Hours
March 3-5, 12-8 PM
Sunday, March 6, 12-6 PM


Slightly smaller than one of Artforum’s full page ads, Simon Linke’s 10" x 10” paintings corrupt the clean graphic layout of their source through a full-on indulgence in an excess of oil paint. Replicating the ads as faithfully as possible while wrangling a robust, fluid material within an almost comically limiting surface area, Linke’s paintings exist as a near-perfect contradiction between boldly expressed market confidence and an artist’s potential alienation when faced with the pressures of producing a consistent product.

Arresting Artforum’s iconic monthly bulletins announcing the "new" in a relief of thickly applied paint, Simon Linke’s paintings express the ideal of stability where there is none, flipping the temporal nature of an exhibition notice on its head. Focusing largely on recognizable blue chip artists and galleries, the paintings’ compact size and precise articulation offer an ironic contrast to the overwhelming scale and volume of the contemporary art market from which their subjects are derived.

More recently focusing on ads featuring paintings which become paintings of ads, Linke channels his enthusiasm for the medium of paint through the discipline of a working within predetermined surface area, where the "natural" boundaries of his compositions reveal staging mechanisms of contemporary art that are often hidden in plain sight. When looked at as a decades long project which functions as an informal archive, Simon Linke’s work offers a refreshing sense of historicism often lost in the collective pressure to focus on the "next big thing".


Simon Linke’s recent exhibitions include Karsten Schubert, London, and Mireille Mosler in New York. He has been the subject of numerous international exhibitions including Le Consortium, Dijon in 2004 and his works are represented in a number of public collections including Tate Gallery, London and FRAC Limousin, France. He currently lives and works in London.



Diane Nerwen
Volta Video Wall

A daily rotation of single-channel works screened on a 30-foot wall at front of the fair.

16 min, color, video, 2014

Traveling Shots: NYC moves through streets, alleys, bridges and subways on a remixed trip through the iconic movie city. Intercutting the past with the present, the real with the imagined, sounds and images from over 70 years of cinema merge into a restless overview of a city in perpetual motion.

Recent Screenings:
Victoria Film Festival, BC
Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, NM
Athens International Film Festival, OH
Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, Johnson City, NY