Carriage Trade

  • Picture City III

    November 2 - February 11, 2018
    Opens Thursday, November 2, 6-8 pm
    Arnon Ben-David
    Morgan Blair
    Jennifer Bolande
    Andre Kertesz
    Stanley Kubrick
    Diane Nerwen
    John Schabel
    Cindy Sherman
    Robert Smithson
    Philip Vanderhyden
    Existing as much in fantasy and imagination as in its complex and contradictory realities, the "big city" draws millions of visitors every year who revel in its Oz-like qualities. Providing a stimulating and cosmopolitan backdrop for vacationers from across the globe, dreams of urban living are offered to those with ambitions to live out one of the many television and movie narratives in today’s multi-format media world. As the city’s "real life" neighborhoods and buildings are featured in (...)