Carriage Trade


    a group show concerned
    with living space and alienation
    curated by Peter Scott
    Momenta Art, Brooklyn
    March 21 - April 19, 1999
    Betty Beaumont
    Michelle Bertomen, David Boyle and Brooklyn Architects Collective
    Hermann Gabler
    Dan Graham
    Larry Krone
    Allan McCollum
    Donna Nield
    Mauricio Dias and Walter Reidweg
    Heidi Schlatter
    Peter Scott
    Day Gleason and Dennis Thomas
    Anton Vidokle
    Nobodies Home is a group exhibition concerned with living space and alienation. The exhibition takes its cue from the current celebration of "lifestyle culture" so prevalent in today’s news and entertainment media, where an endless parade of magazine and television spots seems to reduce the image of life to one of Martha Stewart’s hypnotic discourses on domesticity. With television news offering tips on which supermarkets to avoid, and newspapers offering lengthy articles on how to find the (...)

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